Holding a degree in Art from the schools of Bait Berl and the Emunah collage of the Art , Tami Amar is  a renowned Visual arts artist.

Tami works from her private studio, where she has been teaching Art students and creating her own works of Atr for the past twenty years.

Tami is known for her unique picture paintings and hand painted porcelain Artifacts. Tami is committed to creating high quality works of Art. Her paintings play a substantial role in the Israeli Modern Art scene.

Side by side at her Art studio, Tamy paints on canves and  porcelain tableware. She focuses on painting conceptual Art And developed a beutiful line of hand painted porcelain objects.

She is passionate about these outstanding Artifacts. The porcelain objects are of modern design, and Tami  paints these pieces using traditional methods. The outcome is outstanding beautiful , limited editions of fine hand painted porcelain artifacts.

Tami is a scholar of Jewish Religious studies  and is inspired greatly by the spiritual world and the connections between the physical /material world and spiritual worlds.

Her works of Art encompass both worlds in unison.



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